Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ceviche and Duck!

OK, so I'd have to say the ceviche was a rousing success. It was actually stupideasy to make...I chopped up half of a tomato, some red onion, cilantro, half a jalapeno minus the seeds, and the sea bass, and combined it with both some fresh-squeezed and bottled lime juice.

After letting everything get happy for about two hours (the minimum recommended time), I definitely noticed a difference in the visual texture of the fish; it was more flaky and definitely less opaque. Now, generally I'm not a fan of cooked fish, but I don't really consider "soaking in citric acid" to be cooking. Yes, there's a change in texture and flavor, but there's also no overwhelming fish smell, nor taste.

Apologies for the lack of pictures...I don't have a proper camera, and my cellphone doesn't really do the food justice. :(

Next up, I roast a duck and make stock, render fat, and make Duck Pizza!

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